Sun Tattoos


Sun tattoo is another form of tattoos which can not be related with just one gender as they are evenly popular amongst both men and women. The sun keeps an important place in our society. The people of ancient times believed that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun and all the stars rotated around it. Then, the concept changed when Galileo invented the telescope and showed world what truth really was.

He asked the high officials of Rome to use their own eyes to see what the truth really was. Prior to this revelation, the hundreds of scientists had been burnt by the Roman priests who tried to tell them that actually it was the Earth which was revolving around the Sun, and not the Sun. The priests were not ready to admit because it was mentioned in the Bible that the Earth was the center of the universe and other planets and Sun and Moon were revolving around it.

The most common and popular sun tattoo is the one which consisted of a sun from which the rays are emerging out. The dual colored sun tattoo is also very common and famous all around. It is a circle which is divided into two colors by a zigzag line. The circle has two colors in it which show the different meanings. The Sun is thought to be the symbol of rule and bravery. It is the sign of power. It is also mentioned in the zodiac as well.

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