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Sean Justin Penn is a two time Academy Award Winner actor, director and screenwriter of USA. Some of the best films by him are: Dead Man Walking, Sweet and Lowdown, I Am Sam , Mystic River, Milk. She’s So Lovely , Hurlyburly and 21 Grams. He directed films: The Indian Runner, The Crossing Guard, The Pledge, 11’09″01 September 11 and Into the Wild. Another popularity of Penn is due to his marriage with the pop singer Madonna. Unfortunately, this marriage lasted for only four years.

Sean Penn TattoosPenn also got some fake tattoos on his body just for fun in some movies. In his award winning movie “Mystic River”, his one tattoo got huge popularity all over the world. This tattoo was a Celtic cross tattoo that was present at his upper back. This was a very beautiful tattoo and can be seen in the movie in a scene when Penn is without his shirt. But soon, in an interview, the Academy Award Winner actor said that this wasn’t the real tattoo. This was actually made by a makeup artist Captain Bret for his character “Jimmy Markum” as per demand of the movie. This Celtic cross tattoo got huge popularity amongst his fans all over the world. Most of his fans made this tattoo for showing their love with Penn. He also got some more fake tattoos time by in many movies.
He has some real tattoos on his body as well. For instance; Penn has some cool looking tattoos on his arms. Then he has tattoo that looks like some kind of a Kanji for sword or power on his left forearm. But surprisingly, ha was much famous for his temporary tattoos instead of his real tattoos.

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