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Scottie Chapman was a prominent member of the team of the myth testing reality show, Myth Busters which graces the airwaves of the Discovery Channel. Chapman was ranked as the mistress of metal. She was a mistress in smashing and burning metallic objects. She has smashed and burnt also everything from race cars to giant bridges.

Chapman was born in 1971 in Virginia Beach. After staying there for a little period of time she moved to Maryland. Before joining the Myth busting team she worked as a video game tester. She has also worked as horse trainer and a graveyard plot marketer. She stayed with the Myth Busters for three seasons. During her stay with the show she worked as a skilled welder. She received a huge response due to her magnificent abilities in metal craft and welding.

Chapmanā€™s departure was announced by an official statement of the Discovery network which was released by the Peter Rees, who serves the show as its executive producer. After leaving the show, she appeared in two special episodes of the show, Young Scientists and Supersized Myth Busters which were aired in 2008.

Chapman loves gardening and she is an obsessive snowboarder. She also likes animals and she is raising three orphan squirrels who visit her every day for breakfast. The ex Myth Buster has also remained with the world of entertainment. She was an avid belly dancer and a stunning fire dancer. She has also worked with many underground musical bands as a bass guitar player.

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Scottie Chapman

Scottie Chapman

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