Samoyed Dog Breed Information


Samoyed Dog Breed

Samoyed Dog Breed Information

46 to 56 cm
20 to 30 kg
white with light-brown
Pure white
cream color  with somewhat silver on the tips of its hair.
long and loose hair. Samoyed has an  excellent protection against the weather  with thick under hair.
Suitable For :
families and people to take care of a lovely pet.
Not Suitable For :
People don’t like pet with lots of hair.
Character of the Dog Breed
Samoyed is lovely and cheerful dog with good learning ability.
Known as “plush bear”, white and comes from the North.
Up to 14 years
As Family Member
beautiful and affectionate with the family.
skin and eye diseases.
kidney problems
USA = 500-1000 $
U.K. = 400 – 900 £

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