Rikishi Tattoos


His real name is Solofa F. Fatu Jr. and he is a professional wrestler of USA. He got world-wide fame due to his appearance in WWE. His ring name is “Rikishi’’ and he belongs to Samoan Anoai family and wrestling is his family profession. He is the brother of the late Eddie Fatu (ring name as “Umaga”) and The Tonga Kid. He started his career in the year 1985. He joined WWF (the old name of WWE) in the year 1992 with his cousin Samu. Here he fought with many famed wrestlers and won Heavy Weight Champion titles as well but later left WWE due to some bad incidents. In 2007, he joined TNA Impact as another ring name “Junior Fatu”.

He doesn’t show much passion for tattoo art. His brother Omaga has full body tattooed, and many of his friends and opponents were wearing the costume of tattoos. But he has a couple of small tattoos on his body. Firstly, he has a tattoo on his left hand that states “J”. Why he got this one he didn’t answer so far. But some reports said that he got this tattoo for showing love with his four sons and this is initials of all his four sons, surprisingly, named Jonathan and Joshua, Jeremiah and Joseph. The famous wrestler love his all sons a lot and he is in the habit of rubbing his nose twice before going to the ring to tell his kids that he loves them very much.

He has another small tattoo with wording “X” like symbol. This symbol is engraved on his right hand. Why he got this X mark, there is again a question mark. I think it may his tribute to his late brother, but it’s just my opinion and he might have another. Then he has some Samoan writing tattooed on his right forearm. His last tattoo seems, may be or may not be his tribute to his Samoan Anoai family.

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