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Dana Owens is her real name and she was born on 18th March, 1970 in New Jersey. “Queen Latifah” is her stage name. She got huge fame due to her hip-hop music style and still she is known as Hip-hop’s first lady. Her father and elder brother were police officers and she has worked in Burger King as well. “Wrath of My Madness” was her debut album in 1988. Some of her hit albums are; All Hail the Queen, Nature of a Sista, Black Reign, Order in the Court, The Dana Owens Album (her real name) and Persona. She is still unmarried and most of the people are of the view that she is a lesbian as she never has been seen with any male yet and has close relations with Jeanette Jenkins (one of her trainer).

Queen Latifah Tattoos   Dana OwensShe also worked as a rapper, model, and actress and has two small but beautiful tattoos. The first tattoo is present on the middle of her back and once captured by a cameraman while Queen was busy in taking sunbath at a beach. What the hell is this tattoo? It’s not still clear in the picture.

But she revealed one new tattoo. This is a tattoo of two blue butterflies and can be seen on behind her right ear on neck. She showed this amazing tattoo during a famous show “Ellen DeGeneres’ US Chat show. In this show she said “I’m turning 40 and I just want to continue to grow into that beautiful butterfly”. Moreover she said that this tattoo is my commitment that I’ll lose my weight and will become young Queen again.

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