Nicole Richie Tattoos


Nicole Camille Richie is a well-known American fashion designer, author, singer, TV-Personality and actress. She got fame due to her remarkable performance in “The Simple Life” (a famous reality TV Series by Fox TV).

Actress has lots of tattoos curved on her body, and her desire of having more and more is not ending in any way. It is just the result of her passion for tattoos that she has 9 tattoos, and first tattoo is a pair of Ballerina shoes. About this tattoo, she says that once her father, Lionel Richie, wrote a song for her which had words “Ballerina Girl”. This tattoo is a tribute to her father. The tattoo is inked nicely at below her bikini line. The second tattoo is a tiara which is engraved on her left hip. The angel wing tattoo which consists of two wings can be seen on her each shoulder at her back.
Nicole Richie Tattoos
A large cross like tattoo is curved on her lower back. She has her Zodiac sign name “Virgo” (DOB September 21, 1981) tattooed under her right wrist. A star tattoo is printed on her left wrist and ranked as no.7 tattoo. A beautiful ankle bracelet tattoo is engraved on her left ankle with a combination of a cross. Her final tattoo is located at the back of her neck. This is her name tattoo “Richie” with a red color bow & ribbon over it.

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