Lower Back Tattoos


The lower back tattoos are engraved by just women. They look very sexy on the backs of the ladies. The lower back designs can be anything from hearts to butterflies and from tribal designs to the flowers. Since the lower back is one of the most sexual areas of the ladies, so whenever a lady engraves a tattoo on that part of her body it looks very sexy and eye-catching. These tattoos often steal the attention of the men. Whenever a lady exposes this tattoo in public, the people start looking at it. The lower back is the favorite place for sexy models.

It is also a favorite thing for the bikini models as well who would eagerly engrave tribal designs on their lower backs and then show them during the sex photo shoots. The tribals are the no.1 designs to engrave on lower back, but besides this, the lotus flowers are also very common choice for ladies. It is also seen that the ladies also love to engrave butterflies on their lower backs as well. Sometimes, a sexy chick would engrave sexy portrait on her lower back and then tease the boys.

Since the eagle is a symbol of courage and bravery, so it can also be a good choice. An eagle engraved on the lower back with opening wings would create a good impression on the viewers. The lower back tattoos are becoming common among the females very rapidly. It has been noticed that normally, the ladies would not go for a lower back tattoo on first attempt. They choose this place for the second or third time.

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