Leland Blaine Chapman Tattoos


The American actor and professional boxer and bounty hunter, Leland Blaine Chapman, was born on December 14, 1976, in Groom, Texas. He rose to fame through television show Dog the Bounty Hunter where he appears along with his father and other friends. The show airs on A&E TV, where he uses to catch the wanted fugitives. He was born as the third child of Duane Dog Chapman and La Fonda Sue Darnall. It is said that he was just eight months old when his father was sent into jail, after which he never saw him again until he was eight years old. His mother got divorced from his father and married another man. Until he met his father at age 8, he believed that his stepfather was his real biological father.

He has made lots of tattoos on his body like many other fighters who takes this fun as an honor. He has made tattoos on his both hands, and on his back. He has engraved at least two tattoos on his back which include a big bird, and a big cross. The bird is located on his upper back, while the cross is located on his lower back. He has covered both of his arms in a unique tattoo design. He has also engraved a design on his right forearm just close to his wrist. He also has a tattoo on his right shoulder as well.

Once while an attempt of chasing a serial rapist in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, he was caught by the city police along with his father and a friend. They were freed from jail on bond, but they never returned to Mexico for their court hearing.

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