Laura Ramsey Tattoos


She is a famous American actress, model and TV-Personality. She worked in a reality-based film “The Real Cancun” in 2003. She also remained in the news for her sexual scandals with co-stars. Some of her renowned films are The Days, Lords of Dogtown, Cruel World, Venom, She’s the Man, The Covenant, The Ruins and Mad Men etc.

She shows very little interest in tattoo art. This hot actress has two tattoos only. Surprisingly, both tattoos are present on back. The first tattoo is inked on the upper side of her back just in the middle. This is a religious tattoo of a cross, and this is known as the tribal cross tattoo. Laura Ramsey TattoosThis tattoo is inked in black and red color with fine finish. This tattoo looks very beautiful and cool on her hot body. Someone has rightly said that tattoos are the representatives of one’s moods, lifestyle and personality. The cross tattoos are religious tattoos and are representative of respect and faith. Usually people have such tats for protection proposes.

The second tattoo is also inked at her back again but at a different place now. This is a tribal sun tattoo and can be seen on her lower back. This kind of tattoo has huge popularity amongst girls for the reason that it’s very sexy spot to have a tattoo. The girls who have tats at lower back have attraction for viewers. Moreover, this is a very tantalizing place as well that every body must have at least one glance on it. Tribal sun tattoos are representative of power, leadership, energy, dignity and strength.

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