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Kathryn Ann “Katee” Sackhoff is her full name and she is a famed actress of USA. Katee Sackhoff is her filmy name and she was born on 8th April 1980. She got popularity due to her roles as Captain Kara in “Starbuck” and Thrace in “Battlestar Galactica”. She was nominated for Saturn Award (Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series) for two times for later film. She eventually won the award in May 2006 at second nomination. Some of her hit movies and TV-Series includes 24, Fifteen and Pregnant, Undressed, The Education of Max Bicford, My First Mister, Bionic Woman, Cold Case, ER, Law & Order and Futurama.

The famous actress is impressed with the tattoos and has three tattoos. Her first tattoo is a crucifix tattoo located on her left shoulder blade. The tattoo was not visible in some of his films due to some other fake tattoos. Her second tattoo is a Chinese text which means “choice” in English and this is nicely inked on the back of her neck.

This tattoo usually remains hidden due to her pretty long hair but often sees when she is with a ponytail. Her third and final tattoo is located on the inner side of her right forearm. This tattoo has some Latin words “bona fiscalia” means “public property”. About this tattoo, Sackhoff is of the view that this tattoo is a reminder to her that, by choosing this profession, she has now become a public figure and will be regarded as a role model whether she likes it or not. In many films she has appeared with some fake tattoos as well just for the character demand.

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