Celtics Tattoos


Celtic tattoos represent mazes, knots, spirals and crosses. They are the complex interwoven lines. The Celtics tattoos, which the tattoo artists are using these days, mainly belong to the Irish ‘Book of Kells’. This immensely popular book is present at the library of Trinity College. Celtic tattoos are the product of new age as they don’t have a rich old history. They say that the Celtics tattooing started when the Celtic stone and metalwork started. Normally, these tattoos represent spirituality. They are the symbols of love, spiritual growth. Actually this is the main reason of their being so popular and famous all around the world.

Unlike of the ladies, men usually like this form of tattoos and they are fairly popular among the celebrities as well. The celebrities who are connected with the sports field or movie industry are the lovers of Celtics tattoos who would eagerly engrave it on their bodies and shoulders.

We cannot say that it is the tattoo of every age group. Normally, the grown and young people among 25 to 40 like to have it. Where on one side, the teenage boys like to have small tattoos on their shoulders and forearms, the grown people like to have big Celtics tattoos. The religious people also like these Celtics tattoos because they think that the Celtics are the representatives of religion as well. It has also seen that even the religious ladies also like to engrave some kind of specific Celtics tattoos. Normally, religious people like to engrave Celtics Crosses.

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