Christine Paolilla

Category : World News

Christine Paolilla was just 17-year-old when she got life imprisonment in 2008 for shooting four young students → Continue

Gainesville Shooting

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Gainesville Shooting Claimed Lives of Two Residents

The residents of Gainesville, Florida were badly shaken by random shootings that took place yesterday, → Continue

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

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Jennifer Hudson, the acclaimed singer of American Idol has stunned everyone by her impressive weight loss. → Continue

Alicia Keys Charity

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Alicia Keys Charity Event Raises $2.4 M

The illustrious singer Alicia Keys has gathered a colossal amount of 2.4 million US dollars for children’s charity. → Continue

60 minutes overtime

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60 Minutes Overtime is a unique web show that covers different web reports on a weekly basis. → Continue

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From now on the shelves of many stores across the state will be full of products covered with Pink ribbons → Continue

Super Harvest Moon 2010

Category : News, World News

Tonight, the skies over the northern hemisphere will be lightened by the Super Harvest Moon 2010. → Continue

PS3 Firmware Update 3.50

Category : News, World News

Today, Sony has launched a firmware update for the Play Station 3. The news regarding the PS3 Firmware Update 3.50 was made public by Sony at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. → Continue

Sialkot Killing of Two Brothers

Category : News, World News

Crime is usually associated with dark street corners but when brutal murder takes place in broad day light is purely unimaginable. Such incident took place in Sialkot, Pakistan 5 days before that is 15th August 2010. → Continue

New Zealand Earthquake 2010

Category : News, World News

New Zealand has been hit by one of the strongest earthquake in the history of the country. The epicenter was around 30 miles west from the largest city of South Island, → Continue

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