Sun Tattoos

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Sun tattoo is another form of tattoos which can not be related with just one gender as they are evenly popular amongst both men and women. The sun keeps an important place in our society. The people of ancient times believed that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun and all the stars rotated around it. Then, the concept changed when Galileo invented the telescope and showed world what truth really was. → Continue

Wolf Tattoos

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Wolves are beautiful creature which has lots of qualities and abilities. Wolves live as a family and there are lots of wolves in a family. All of these wolves live and hunt together in a group. This is the best and most suitable way of living in the dark jungles which are full of enemies and danger. All we people have a specific image in our minds about the wolves. We have been viewing wolves in our movies for years where they are often portrayed as an animal that possesses unique quality. → Continue

Leslie Easterbrook Hot Pictures

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Birth Name:

Leslie Eileen Easterbrook

Date of Birth:

July 29, 1949

Place of Birth:

Los Angeles, California,
United States



Years active:


Victor Holchak,
Dan Wilcox(Present)

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Amerie O Plastic Surgery

Category : Gossips

Yet another celebrity to have rhinoplasty done to her is the singer Amerie. The nose job has given her previously flat and wide nose into a thinner shape with a nailed tip and a curved nose bridge, which was earlier a straight one. The tip of the singer’s now’s nose is characterized by a thin form and is also lifted. → Continue

Lily Allen Plastic Surgery

Category : Gossips

The singer Lily Allen turned to her MySpace blog and left a message for her fans which said that she was considering liposuction process to lose her weight. The statement of the message read that she was afraid of the evil procedure and she was afraid that this machine work would ruin her personality. She said that she was writing that piece of writing in tears sitting in the room of her Seattle hotel. After researching on the process of laser lipo suction, she reached on the conclusion that she was going to trust on it. No body knows what made her to post this message, because prior this message, she was thought to be a girl who was not very much interested in the knife work. → Continue

Malin Akerman Plastic Surgery

Category : Gossips

There are many questions being raised about the beauty of the Canadian model, Malin Akerman, where the people question if her look is natural or she has achieved it through some artificial procedures. Besides modeling on the ramp, the Canadian model has also performed in some movies like, The Heartbreak Kid, and 27 Dresses, but she is most famous for her role in ‘Watchmen’ where she portrayed Silk Spectre. She is mainly seen in comic roles. Despite all of the rumors which claim that she has got that beauty through artificial procedure, Dr. Aston is confirmed that her look is natural and she has not done anything artificial with her skin. → Continue

Tori Amos Plastic Surgery

Category : Gossips

The photos and the reports about the singer, Tori Amos, claim that she has undergone at least three surgical procedures known as rhinoplasty, brow lift and botox. This singer is known in the public to change her appearance during her concerts and she regularly does it. She tends to change the color of her hairs and the choice of her outfits during her concerts, but there are also reports which say that she even changes her skin as well. There are various reports which claim that the skin which she is enjoying at this age of 45 years cannot be attained without the use of surgery, and it is not just the matter of one surgical procedure. → Continue

Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery

Category : Gossips

The difference between the past and the preset pictures of the Supermodel, Tyra Banks, clearly shows that she has had a nose job and breast augmentation, which have definitely made her more attractive. When asked, the star clearly denied the reports, and said that actually increasing in the size of busts was the result of weight gain. To make people believe that she was speaking the truth, she removed her bra on her television show on air and let the people see her natural breasts which were touching her navel. → Continue

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery

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There was a time when everyone wanted to have the pictures of Pamela Anderson posted on the walls of his room, and the reason was the big breasts that the model had. She rose to fame during early 90s when she appeared on the Playboy magazine with big breasts, but then the breast implant was removed in the 1999 which was not a good decision at all, because till then the people had accepted her with those massive tits and now they were not ready to see her with a changed body. → Continue

Paula Abdul Plastic Surgery

Category : Gossips

The 47-year-old former judge of American Idol decided to change her look a bit after leaving the Idol stage, and for that she sought some help from plastic surgery. There are many reports which claim that she has been using various surgical procedures for a long time like the Botox injections and Restylane. One of the renowned rhinoplasty surgeons, Paul S. Nassif, thinks that she has recently undergone a rhinoplasty procedure which has made her nose tip look more pinched. He says that after carefully watching the present and the past photos of the star, he has come to a conclusion that she has definitely changed her nose a bit to make her more charming and beautiful. → Continue

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