Biomechanical Tattoos


We can put the Biomechanical tattoos in the category of ‘Newly Liked Tattoos’, because they are the tattoos which are extremely popular among the people nowadays. These tattoos are recently invented and they have strong meaning behind them. They are not invented without any reason. They tell us how strong we the humans are. They tell us that the God has created us as the best machinery in the world. This best machinery is made of mechanics and flesh.

Since, we have invented and created so many robots that can perform various tasks for us, but we are unable to create flesh in the laboratory. This shows that the humans are the best machines created by the God. These tattoos actually tell us that how our muscles work. Biomechanical tattoos are the combinations of machinery and the flesh. Normally, they are made on the upper parts of the arm, near shoulder. They also cover a part of shoulder area as well.

These designs are called the attention grabber because they steal the attention of the viewers and attract them towards themselves. The viewer would do nothing except gazing at them and then eventually decide to have one on his shoulder. They are the brainchild of illustrator H.R. Geiger who is an Alien creature. Geiger has worked for many movie producers and has created lots of Aliens for their movies. Normally, the young lads and the people attached with the fitness programs like to have them on their broad and muscular bodies.

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