Antonio Jr. Sabato Tattoos


Antonio Sabato Jr. is an esteemed American model and actor. He got world wide fame due working as a model for the world renowned company Calvin Klein, and as an actor in a soap opera “General Hospital”. He also appeared in may reality shows and other TV series as well. Some of his remarkable TV-Series are: Earth 2, The Big Hit, Ally Mcbeal, Charmed, Shark Hunter, The Help, The Bold and the Beautiful, Celebrity Circus, Ugly Betty, My Antonius, CSI: NY and The Arrangement.

He loves to collect Batman memorabilia and has some batman tattoos as well. He shows good interest having tattoos especially the Batman tattoo. At first, he has got one tattoo at special place on his lower back this tattoo has a yellow moon with a black batman’s symbol on the top. These lower back tattoos are especially common in hot and sexy female celebrities, actresses, models and some young girls of the new age. Lower back tattoos are for enhancing attraction of the viewers.

It is quite astonishing thing that a male model has a tattoo at such place. Maybe the reason is that he wants to attract girls towards him through the tattoo just like the girls attract boys towards them through the same trick. No more arguments, but, his name was ranked 63 in an online survey of “World’s hottest 101 Men with tattoos”.
He has some more tattoos on his left arm as well. This tattoo consists of a ying-yang symbol with some Chinese character under it. On right arm, there is another tattoo consists of a moon, stars and some Chinese characters as well.

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