Angel Tattoos


The angels have a strong and deep meaning in every religion since they are thought to be the representatives of devotion, strength and chastity. Since a long time, we have been considering angels a source of guidance. The stories of angels have been passing through one generation to other for years. Many of us have been listening to the stories of angels from our grandmothers and grandfathers in our childhood. Our ancestors have taught us that the angels are sacred creatures and we have to respect them. There are no terms like bad angels or good angels, because the angels are normally thought to be generous and kind. So, there is no question like that.

The angel tattoos started becoming famous when the society paid attention on this art. The angel tattoos are thought to be among those tattoos which became famous soon after the art of tattooing became famous in the modern world. There are lots of popular angel tattoos which are famous among the people, like the guardian angel, the archangels and wing angel. The angel tattoos can be seen on shoulders, back shoulders, on forearms and on the chest. The best place for engraving an angel tattoo may be shoulders or forearms. The angel tattoos are famous among both men and women.

Some of the famous designs are as under.

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